Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Nail Art Dotting Tools – What Are They & How Do To Use Them.

What are Nail Art Dotting Tools? What are they for? and How do I use one?

Time to explore some of the tools of the professional nail artist trade. In this article we're going to look at one of my favourite nail art tools the humble but powerful Dotting Tool.
Our New 'Posh' Range of Nail Art Dotting Tools.

Dotting Tools. Nice To Have or Essential Nail Art Kit?

Nail Art Dotting Tools are considered an essential nail art design tool used by nail technicians and professional nail artists to easily create and apply colour dots and patterns in nail art design using nail polish, shellac, gels and acrylic nail art paints.

What are Nail Art Dotting Tools?

Dotting tools are most similar to a pen in terms of shape, size and use. Dotting tool handles either of cast plastic or, if you're a bit posh some anodized aluminium metal handles. These are fitted with 'dotting tips' which are essentially spherical ball shaped tips that come in a range of sizes, from fine to course giving you a choice of dot sizes appropriate to the size of dot you would like to create in your nail art design. Dotting tools are sometimes also known as marbling tools.
Professional Nail Dotting Tool Set with 10 Different Tip Sizes.

Dotting Tool or Dotting Tools?

Nail Dotting tools are often available individually or in professional sets. At the cheaper end of the range dotting tools tend to have cast plastic handles and the posh models have expensive looking anodised aluminium handles that look far more professional and are typically more robust. With the price difference being so small between the two we recommend the pro aluminium models.

What Do Dotting Tools Cost?

Luckily, owning a set of Nail Art Dotting Tools is not a major expense and certainly won't brake the bank. You can typically buy them individually for around £2 each, or you can purchase a plastic set of 5 for £6, or the really fancy aluminium ones for £10.

What can you achieve with Nail Art Dotting Tools?

I use my dotting tools with a range of nail art materials, typically, acrylic nail art paints and nail polish to create dots, patterns and little flow shapes directly onto the natural nail or onto nail enhancements. I can also achieve fine results creating lines and geometric patterns. Great result can be achieved if you chose complementary colours!

Examples Of Dotting Tool Nail Art.

Nail Art Dotting at It's Best. Great Use of 'Dot-in-Dot' Technique.
Great Dotting Tool Gradient Nail Art.

Fabulous Use of Contrast and Also Colour Over Lap Nail Art Dotting Ideas.

More Than Just a Dotting Tool

Over the years I have used my nail dotting tools for many other little tasks. They are also very effective with nail art marbling techniques and also for picking up tiny Swarovski SS5 Nail Art Crystals and gems and placing them in just the right place, a fiddly task at the best of times.

Clean & Dry Your Beloved Nail Art Tools.

When you're finished using a nail art dotting tool as always ensure you clean and dry it ready for next time. Beware if you don't dry the cheaper dotting tools properly you may find they will rust!

Handy Nail Dotting Tool Tip

Whilst using dotting tools, we found this excellent and useful nail art brush and nail tool holder a godsend. It’s perfect for preventing your doting tools rolling off your desk when not in use and makes them much easier to pickup especially if you have longer nails yourself.


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