Friday, 26 July 2013

Wearable Nail Soakers Review - The Pink Pods That Save You Time

Wearble Nail Soakers. What Are They and Are They Any Good?

It’s been a week and my nail art is starting to look a little tired and so I desperately wanted to take off my acrylic set. This gave me the perfect excuse to try out and test my new nail art soakers I recently purchased.

Normally I soak off my nail enhancements or nail art using a soak off bowl in the time tested way or sometimes I use the foil and Acetone soaked pads.

However being someone who’s always ready to try something new especially anything involving nails and nail art I thought that these wearable nail soakers looked such a good idea that I’d give them a whirl.

I got these from ‘The Nail Art Company’ at just £5.95 for a pack of 10 they aren't expensive and was actually quite excited and a little intrigued to find out for myself just how well they worked. The following is my review of these rather nifty and time saving nail care products. I hope you find it useful.

10 Wearable Nail Soakers From 'The Nail Art Company'

What Are Wearable Nail Soakers?

Basically they are a set of 10 Acetone resistant pods that you fill with Acetone (or Acetone free equivalent) solution and pop on your fingers to soak off and remove nail art, nail polish, shellac or artificial nails.

Each nail soaker pod consists of an opaque body with a pink silicone aperture that allows you to a) fill the soaker with Acetone and b) easily pop your finger tips in.

The pink silicone is designed to create a snug fit around your finger tips and acts as a seal to prevent the acetone from making a mess.

This is What a Wearable Nail soaker Looks Like.

Here We Have a Typical Wearable Nail Soaker.
Beautifully simple - Acetone resistant plastic cups with pink silicone lids you pop you finger through. The lids don’t need to be removed but can be for easy periodic cleaning.

The Best Way to Fill Wearable Nail Soakers.

From my research this is where I first came across some negative comments and opinions relating to wearable nail soakers. These comments generally related to making a mess or wasting Acetone when trying to fill the soaker pods.

After my extensive testing I believe I know why. Many simply try to fill the nail soakers straight from the Acetone Bottle (Usually an oversize bottle too). The size of the aperture in the pink lid is small, the opening in the Acetone bottle is large and often pours too quick and too much causing an over spill and a right mess. What you would expect really.

Want to know the secret to filling these little nail soakers without making a mess? Use a proper Acetone dispenser like this:

The Best Way to Fill Wearable Nail Soakers is with a Proper Acetone Dispenser.
Simply put the tip of the dispenser nozzle inside the cup and with a gentle squeeze fill up to the top of the fill line marked on the side of the soaker. These Acetone dispensers are so convenient, filling takes seconds and no mess what’s so ever.  A pipette or syringe is just as effective.

How Full Should You Fill The Nail Soakers?

Not as much as you might think. Don’t forget you have to put your finger tip in and that takes up quite a bit of volume. So if you overfill the nail soakers the only thing that going to happen when you put your finger tips in is its going to squirt, leak or both and again make a mess. I found that you only had to fill the soakers approximately half way up the opaque cup.

Overfilling Nail Soakers Only Leads to a Mess. Below the Pink Line is More Than Adequate.
I also found it much easier to pre-fill all the soakers so they were ready before putting them on.

What Is The Best Way To Place My Finger Tips In The Soakers Without Making A Mess?

Filling the nail soakers with acetone and then putting your finger tips in sounds straight forward. That’s until the first time you do it and get caught out by an ‘Acetone Squirt’. How does this happen?

Pushing your finger through the pink seal into the acetone filled soaker compresses the air trapped in the pod, and this has to go somewhere and will eventually results in a leak or squirt.

To be fair if you read the instructions on the packaging (and I know many of us don’t) it does clearly say to give the nail soakers a little squeeze and to slowly rotate as you put them on. This effective distorts the pink seal and lets the excess air out. 

Once you get the technique there easy to put on without a mess.   Tip: Try practicing with water first.

With Nail Soakers Installed It Only Takes 3 to 5 Minutes for the Acetone to Become Very Effective.

Do Nail Soakers Leak When You’re Wearing Them?

I guess the point of wearable nail soakers is that you can watch a bit of TV whilst letting your nail art soak off or whilst nourishing your nails. Either way you don’t want them to leak and cause a mess.
So I wanted to know would the nail soakers leak whilst wearing them. To test this I decided to raise my hands with the soakers filled and installed. I can happily report that they didn’t leak, however I really think this depends on whether you fill them correctly. As previously discovered the key is not to over fill.

How Long Does A Soak Off Take?

It depends what you are removing, whether its nail polish, shellac, nail art or a full set of artificial nails. From my experience I left my nails in the soakers for 2-3 minutes for nail polish and nail art, and a little longer for removing artificial nail enhancements. In each case my nails were wither perfectly clean or required just a small amount of work to remove any stubborn remnants.

Using Wearable Nail Soakers to Nourish Ones Nails.

I particularly enjoyed this aspect of the nail soaker’s review. A quick squirt of nail cream in each nail pod and then sit down and watch your favourite program whilst my nails and finger tips re-hydrate. Can’t do that with a finger soaking bowl!

My Conclusions

I was very happy with the nail soakers and I was pleased I got them. They are fairly inexpensive and I like the way they can be reused again and again. I also liked the added benefit of being able to use them to nourish my nails and finger tips after all that exposure to Acetone. 

They do allow me to watch the telly instead of sitting at the table with my hands in soaking trays and they are easy to clean and store.

I could see how some people might initially be put off due to the perceived mess they make but it goes without saying that as with anything new, make sure you read the instructions carefully before use. 

In my experience it was wise to experiment and practice the process a couple of times before getting the best out of them but hopefully I have identified most of tips and techniques for you in this review. I hope you enjoyed this nail article. Feel free to share, tweet or link to It and happy soaking.


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