Thursday, 25 April 2013

Crystal Glass Nail Files. What are they? and what are the benefits?

In this article we hope to answer many questions nail technicians, salon owners and consumers have regarding crystal and glass nail files and their benefits.


Glass nail files are a leading technology product in nail care, and as the name implies are manufactured from hardened and tempered crystal glass. The best quality crystal nail files arguably hail from the bohemian glass manufacturing regions of central Europe. The extremely hard nature of glass allows the abrasive filing surfaces to be uniformly roughened with an acid etch or sand blasting technique. It’s this unique manufacturing process combined with the hard crystalline material that delivers a truly effective abrasive surface that is ideal for filing, feels gentle and leaves the nail edges noticeably smoother. Crystal nail files when used regularly can help prevent common nail disorders such as nail chipping.
Just some of the High Quality Crystal Glass Nail Files Available at The Nail Art Company
Just some of the High Quality Crystal Glass Nail Files Available at The Nail Art Company

There are advantages to using glass nail files. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Crystal nail files don’t wear out like traditional metal or paper based disposable files.
  • Glass nail files are neither harmful to your health nor the environment.
  • Crystal nail files are can be reused and are easily washed clean and sterilized.
  • Glass nail files don’t corrode and become unsightly.
  • Glass nail files are available in all sorts of attractive designs, some of which include Swarovski Elements, metal logos, sand blasted designs, hand painted designs and even precious metal embellished handles.
  • Using crystal nail files is perceived by your clients as professional.
  • Crystal glass nail files are attractive and make a great point of sale product for your salon and make a fantastic opportunity to up sell to your clients! 


Crystal glass nail files are both appropriate and convenient for professional use within the nail and beauty industry but are also ideal for personal use. Apart from their superior performance when compared with traditional nail files, glass nail files aren't porous and can therefore be sanitised and sterilized with heat, liquid sterilisers or UV lighting significantly reducing the risk of spreading bacterial or fungal nail infections.


Glass nail files are suitable for use with both natural and artificial nails, however when filing artificial nails it is recommended that the file is dipped in water before and periodically during use.


Maintenance of a glass nail file is really simple. To keep glass nail file clean, it is sufficient to rinse it in clean running water after each use. To clean dirtier glass nail files simply clean with a stiff brush and detergent. If you intend to use the files with more than one person then it is professional hygienic practice to sanitise and sterilised the file between each use.


Three different sizes of glass nail files are manufactured, each of them can have either one or two grinding sides, and either both ends rounded or one end pointed and one rounded. Small sized glass nail files are a convenient supplement of handbag outfit. For ordinary usage the medium sized glass nail files are the most suitable. Large sized glass nail files are advantageous for removal of hardened skin on soles and heels. For children and for travel purposes (particularly when keeping a nail file in your hand luggage when travelling aboard an aircraft) we recommend nail files with both ends rounded, otherwise you may get your precious file confiscated. Professionals working in the nail care industry where filing is a large part of their work often prefer glass nail files with only one grinding side, because these don't harm the skin on their hands.


To increase the aesthetic value of glass nail files various decoration techniques such as colour application, printing, sandblasting, hand painting and engraving can be applied. Coloured glass nail files are available in eleven transparent and eleven dull shades, arbitrary combinations of colours are also practicable. If you want to attach your logo to the glass nail files, printing is the most widely used technique. The technique of sandblasting produces designs with plastic effect and with unlimited lifespan. Frequently signs of the zodiac, animal and flower designs are being sandblasted. Sandblasting is suitable for logo application as well. Hand painting is a traditional Czech way of glass decoration; glass nail files are decorated with a wide range of original motifs. Genuine fine decorations with refined details are created by the technique of engraving. 


In the event that your crystal nail file is damaged, it’s essential to stop use immediately to prevent any unnecessary injury. Even a slight chip will reduce the integrity of a hardened glass product and it may be susceptible to further breakage. It is necessary to avoid contact of coloured glass nail files and glass nail files with printed designs with organic compounds or temperatures above 250 °C, as it may affect the decoration. Children using glass nail files should be under adult supervision at all times. Specifically for children, we recommend glass nail files with the rounded ends.


The Nail Art Company stocks a range of 6 designs each decorated with genuine Swarovski Crystals. Choose from Crystal Wave, Crystal Comet, Crystal Bubbles, Crystal Rain, Crystal Bows & Crystal Roses. Each of these types is available in 8 different colors. A range of gift presentation and hard nail file cases to protect your glass nail file are also available. We also supply the trade with glass nail files and we stock a range of attractive point of sale acrylic display stands for glass files. Please contact our sales team with your details of your requirements.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Our New Nail Art Store Is Open For Business!

Screen shot of 'The Nail Art Company' new webs shop.
Screen shot of The Nail Art Company's new nail art store.
We have finally launched the new look website for 'The Nail Art Company'. We would like to thank those of you that have been kind enough to pass on the positive and kind remarks. We have put allot of effort in to the redesign not to mention many a late night night through to the early hours of the morning re-designing it and coding it.

We believe we have delivered a new look nail art store that look really different and stands our from the crowd.

We hope you, our loyal nail art fans and customers are pleased with the result and really would appreciate your comments. Tell us what you think, what you like and don't like. We really have a deep desire to develop the business and website into something special and for that we need your feedback. We look forward to your valuable feedback.

Kind regards - The Nail Art Company team.