Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Nail Art. Festive Nail Stencils, Holly, Snow Flake, Snow Man & Christmas Tree.

Deck Your Nails With Boughs of Holly! Fa la la la la la la la la!

It's the end of November and Christmas is just around the corner. It's time to plan ahead and think about how we can decorate our little pinkies in the customary seasonal and festive theme. Something perhaps to compliment those chunky jumpers and fake antlers in the back of the wardrobe?

Well we may just be able to help you out with our selection of Christmas Nail Art Stencils by SmartNails.

The winter themed nail art collection consists of four festive designs. There is a Snow Flake, Holly, A Snowman and even a Christmas Tree. 

Snow Flake Nail Art Stencils N059

Snow Man Nail Art Stencils NDS0003

Christmas Holly Nail Art Stencils NDS0005

Christmas Tree Nail Art Stencil NDS0004

These Christmas Nail Art Stencils Offer Excellent Value For Money

These nifty Christmas nail art stencils are inexpensive and very effective. They are designed to be used with normal nail polish so you can easily utilise your existing polish collection which is perfect for home nail art lovers. Why not collect the set?

Compatible With Regular Nail Polish & CND Shellac & NSI Polish Pro

However these nail stencils are also compatible with CND Shellac and NSI Polish Pro. So if you have a nail business and you offer CND Shellac or Polish Pro they a perfect seasonal up-sell for your regular Shellac nail clients.

Christmas Nail Art Stencil Competition

Fancy winning a set of 15 SmartNail Stencil Sets worth £35? Then 'The Nail Art Company' is challenging all nail art lovers to come up with some original nail art designs. The only condition is you have to incorporate any of these four winter nail art stencil designs.

The stencils are available from our nail art shop at and are just £1.95 each. We have placed a link for each of the stencils underneath each image.

It's easy to enter

Email clear images of your work involving any of these nail art stencils to us. Our email is on the contacts page at the top of our blog. You can add to your designs using other nail art techniques and materials. Include your full name, address and permission to publish your work. 

We will publish all the designs here on our nail art blog. Everyone that submits an image will get published and a mention. We will select a winner on the 23rd of December 2013.

We look forward to receiving your entries and checking out your Christmas nail art designs. Good Luck!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Nail Art 10% Off Voucher Code for The Nail Art Company

Nail Art Voucher Code - 10% Off Everything In Our Nail Art Store.

10% Nail Art Discount Code for The Nail Art Company
Use the following code when checking out to get
10% Discount on some great nail art products.
With the evenings drawing in faster and Christmas only round the corner we thought its probably time to start thinking about some festive Christmas Nail Art Designs. 

For most of us Christmas means holidays and some time off with the family. So what a great time to have some festive fun decorating our nails!

We thought so too, so to get you all off to a flying start why not pamper yourself with a 10% discount in our online Nail Art Shop. Browse our nail art supplies, add the items to your shopping cart, checkout and enter the discount code. Simple.

The Voucher Code is valid until the 8th December 2013. So hurry. Usual rules, one use per customer.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Our New Range of Nail Art Transfer Foils - 130 Designs, Patterns & Colours to choose from.

Spread the word. The Nail Art Company has just launched a New Range of Nail Art Transfer Foils.

In case you didn't already know. Nail Foiling is an inexpensive and fun way to decorate your nails, and is suitable for manicures or pedicures. Get special effects you just can't achieve using any other nail art process.

Fuchsia Champagne Nail Art Transfer Foil NTF-NA-041
Fuchsia Champagne Nail Art Transfer Foil    NTF-NA-041

Nail Transfer Foils don't require any super special tools or equipment, all you need is Nail Foil Adhesive/Glue, 20 minutes and some Nail Art Top Coat to protect your finished results. Why not stop by our Nail Art Store and check out the new range.

Fuchsia Champagne Nail Art Transfer Foil Pot NTF-NA-041
All Nail Art Transfer Foils are supplied in clear plastic bottles

PS. We're currently busy writing a Nail Transfer Foil 'How to Do Guide' which we shall publish on out nail art blog shortly. Meantime why not join our +Google Circles at '+TheNailArtCompany' and keep up to date with our nail and nail art blog articles. You will be most welcome.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Is Being A Mobile Nail Technician Viable?


Mobile Nail Technician
UK Mobile Nail Tech 
Here at the Nail Art Company we frequently get asked this question – ‘Is being a mobile nail technician viable?’ The short answer is of course yes. In this nail blog article we will examine and explore the 3 main career path options open to nail technicians and then focus on ‘Mobile Nail Technicians’ and the pros and cons associated with this choice.

What Are My Career Path Options In The Nail Industry?

Most people who aspire to work in the nail industry begin their chosen careers as newly qualified nail technicians, fresh from college, clutching a handful of qualifications with a plan and a desire to:

1. Work in a nail or beauty salon for someone else and gain some ‘real world’ experience.
2. Open A nail salon or nail bar.
3. Start up as an independent Mobile Nail Technician.

Where you are in your career and your level of experience may ultimately affect your choice. So let’s explore the three main options.

1. Get a Job in a Nail Salon & Work for Someone Else.

Newly qualified nail technicians with little ‘real world’ experience may prefer to opt for No.1 and choose to work for someone else. In terms of transition from training to employment it’s certainly the easiest path into the nail industry. The advantages of this choice are that you gain valuable experience in a nail or beauty salon working environment that also allows you to build your confidence whilst developing your client / business relationships and honing your nail application skills and nail art techniques.

As an employee you generally don’t have to worry about attracting new clients or the ‘behind the scenes’ running of the business. Hours are usually 9 till 5 and sometimes may include a Saturday.

There is little risk to you as an individual (except – possibly losing your job). You get paid monthly via PAYE and therefore don’t have to worry about accounting, tax, insurance, equipment and material costs, bills etc.

The experiences gained in this environment usually serve as a sound platform to a later decision to perhaps ‘go it alone’ and either start your own nail salon business or become a mobile nail tech sometime in the future.

2. Open Your Own Nail Salon / Nail Bar Business

For those with the experience, a little vision, some confidence, drive and a generous splash of financial capital, the dream option (No.2) is to open and run a beautiful, stylish and trendy Nail Salon or Nail Bar. This path will undoubtedly give you total control in terms of ‘EVERYTHING’ to do with the nail business. From developing your ideas, writing business plans, right down to choosing the colour of the tiles on the salon floor and where to place your logo on your business cards.

This road is not easy or cheap, but the rewards of owning your own business in terms of personal satisfaction, control, pride, prestige and of course greater financial reward is not without its price.

Of course with great rewards often comes great responsibility. Things such as finding and securing financial backing, accounts, insurance, bills, employment, training, materials, consumables, accountants, uniforms, equipment, advertising, finding new clients, licences, rates, data protection legislation, backing, hiring and employing staff, growing the business, legislation and legal compliance…. the list goes on and on.

Don’t be mistaken, as a business owner all this becomes your responsibility, and more importantly your financial risk should your new nail business venture fail.

Running a nail salon involves a lot more hours (and stress) than a 9 to 5 job and of course financial investment. But in return offers far greater rewards in terms of personal experience, accomplishment and hopefully greater personal profit.

But for those that have the experience and would like to grow but perhaps don’t have the financial muscle or the desire to shoulder all the responsibility and risk of running a full blown nail salon what are the options?

3. Go It Alone as a Mobile Nail Technician

Being a mobile nail technician is an excellent halfway house between working for someone else and owning your own nail salon business. You will essentially be self-employed with full control of your appointments and growing your nail business. You will potentially save a lot in set-up costs, investment and risk that you simply cannot avoid when opening a fixed address salon business.

However, you will still need to be compliant with business regulations and the law. The fundamental difference is the costs involved in setting up are much less than that of a nail salon and of course the dynamics of the business model. Instead of clients coming to you, you will go to them.

What’s Important When Setting up as a Mobile Nail Technician?

As with any new business venture you will be faced with many considerations when setting up as a mobile nail technician. The following are some pointers but there may be more depending on what you want to do.

Register Yourself as Self Employed with HMRC. 

Register yourself as a self employed sole trader with HMRC. It’s really quick and easy to do. This is important for many reasons including but not limited to:

Ensuring you’re registered for self assessment for tax and NI.
Obtaining business insurance.
Being able to purchase your salon products and consumables. (Many suppliers will only sell to nail techs that can prove they are a business and also have a genuine qualification.)

If you’re thinking of doing this as a side line without informing the authorities and you are discovered you will more than likely face hefty fines and possibly a prison sentence. So get off on the right foot and register yourself first.

As a Mobile Nail Technician You Will Need ‘Business Use’ Added to Your Vehicle Insurance. 

To travel to and from your nail clients you will probably require the use of a car. Any travel that is related to your nail business activities is considered ‘business use’. So if you wish to remain covered in the unfortunate case of an accident during your business activities you will need to have notified your vehicle insurance provider that you intend to use your vehicle for business purposes as well as domestic social and pleasure.

The onus is always on you to update your car insurance provider of any changes in circumstances and it’s vital you do otherwise you will not be insured whilst visiting your clients when out on your rounds. In the majority of cases this will not actually add anything to your insurance premium but in the cases where it does the cost is usually negligible.

Ensure That You Have Public Liability Insurance. 

Business insurance is important and a key requirement that’s equally applicable for a mobile nail technician. For example, imagine for one moment that you’re at a client’s home; blissfully delivering beautiful CND Shellac nails and you accidentally knock a brightly coloured glitter infused nail polish on to your client’s new cream pure wool carpet. Think for a moment how you will break the news to your client that you don’t have insurance?

So you deliver the bad news. What’s the likely outcome? Well, you will probably be ejected out of your client’s home and sued. Your hard earned reputation will take a dive and ultimately your new nail business will suffer. So make sure you get your insurance in place and don’t wait until it’s too late. Shop around to get the best deals – However to get business insurance your insurer will ask for proof of formal beautician training and a qualification such as a BTEC, HNC, or HND certificate from a recognised training establishment such as a college of further education.

Mobile Nails Technicians - Who Are My Customers?

In my experience as a mobile nail tech my clients come from all walks of life. But there are three core reasons why they wanted a mobile nail technician and why they sought my mobile nail services. The majority of my clients like most of us have a job and work 9 till 5. Consequently they find it difficult to get nail appointments that suit their busy schedules and availability.

Another large proportion of my clients have a family and children, which again limits time and availability and makes getting a nail appointment difficult because of arranging child care and getting time off.

The remainder of my clients are elderly or may have a disability that makes getting to a nail salon difficult or impossible.

Why Are Mobile Nail Technician’s Popular - Its’ All About ‘Convenience’

Whatever the reason there is a common thread though all my different client groups that makes being a mobile nail technician extremely viable. It’s ‘convenience’. By being mobile you’re offering your clients convenience in terms of; you come to them, at a time that suits your client, often offering out of normal hours appointments. And I can assure you from my personal experience there is a market for mobile nail technician services out there.

What Are The Personal Benefits of Being a Mobile Nail Technician?

In a nut shell – Flexibility, you are free to organise your own appointments to suit your schedule and lifestyle. This is especially beneficial if you have a young family. This is one of the main reasons I chose to become a nail technician. I also enjoyed the personal levels of service that I offer to my nail clients.

Reduced Start-up Costs

When you haven’t a lot of capital to start a nail business saving on all the expenses of having a brick and mortar nail salon can be all that you need to start and launch your business.

Business Coverage

Being a mobile nail technician means that you can cover a greater range and therefore area than a fixed address nail salon. I personally recommend a 3 to 7 mile radius from your home. Of course you can set this to your own preference. However beware that travel costs are expensive and that the further you go the more it costs you in time, fuel and therefore expense. You will need to factor this into your nail service prices.

I hope you have enjoyed my article on the benefits of becoming a mobile nail technician and find it of some use. Please feel free to link to this article and please plus+1 it and recommend it on Facebook by 'Liking Us' or Share it on Twitter!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Nail Art Dotting Tools – What Are They & How Do To Use Them.

What are Nail Art Dotting Tools? What are they for? and How do I use one?

Time to explore some of the tools of the professional nail artist trade. In this article we're going to look at one of my favourite nail art tools the humble but powerful Dotting Tool.
Our New 'Posh' Range of Nail Art Dotting Tools.

Dotting Tools. Nice To Have or Essential Nail Art Kit?

Nail Art Dotting Tools are considered an essential nail art design tool used by nail technicians and professional nail artists to easily create and apply colour dots and patterns in nail art design using nail polish, shellac, gels and acrylic nail art paints.

What are Nail Art Dotting Tools?

Dotting tools are most similar to a pen in terms of shape, size and use. Dotting tool handles either of cast plastic or, if you're a bit posh some anodized aluminium metal handles. These are fitted with 'dotting tips' which are essentially spherical ball shaped tips that come in a range of sizes, from fine to course giving you a choice of dot sizes appropriate to the size of dot you would like to create in your nail art design. Dotting tools are sometimes also known as marbling tools.
Professional Nail Dotting Tool Set with 10 Different Tip Sizes.

Dotting Tool or Dotting Tools?

Nail Dotting tools are often available individually or in professional sets. At the cheaper end of the range dotting tools tend to have cast plastic handles and the posh models have expensive looking anodised aluminium handles that look far more professional and are typically more robust. With the price difference being so small between the two we recommend the pro aluminium models.

What Do Dotting Tools Cost?

Luckily, owning a set of Nail Art Dotting Tools is not a major expense and certainly won't brake the bank. You can typically buy them individually for around £2 each, or you can purchase a plastic set of 5 for £6, or the really fancy aluminium ones for £10.

What can you achieve with Nail Art Dotting Tools?

I use my dotting tools with a range of nail art materials, typically, acrylic nail art paints and nail polish to create dots, patterns and little flow shapes directly onto the natural nail or onto nail enhancements. I can also achieve fine results creating lines and geometric patterns. Great result can be achieved if you chose complementary colours!

Examples Of Dotting Tool Nail Art.

Nail Art Dotting at It's Best. Great Use of 'Dot-in-Dot' Technique.
Great Dotting Tool Gradient Nail Art.

Fabulous Use of Contrast and Also Colour Over Lap Nail Art Dotting Ideas.

More Than Just a Dotting Tool

Over the years I have used my nail dotting tools for many other little tasks. They are also very effective with nail art marbling techniques and also for picking up tiny Swarovski SS5 Nail Art Crystals and gems and placing them in just the right place, a fiddly task at the best of times.

Clean & Dry Your Beloved Nail Art Tools.

When you're finished using a nail art dotting tool as always ensure you clean and dry it ready for next time. Beware if you don't dry the cheaper dotting tools properly you may find they will rust!

Handy Nail Dotting Tool Tip

Whilst using dotting tools, we found this excellent and useful nail art brush and nail tool holder a godsend. It’s perfect for preventing your doting tools rolling off your desk when not in use and makes them much easier to pickup especially if you have longer nails yourself.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Wearable Nail Soakers Review - The Pink Pods That Save You Time

Wearble Nail Soakers. What Are They and Are They Any Good?

It’s been a week and my nail art is starting to look a little tired and so I desperately wanted to take off my acrylic set. This gave me the perfect excuse to try out and test my new nail art soakers I recently purchased.

Normally I soak off my nail enhancements or nail art using a soak off bowl in the time tested way or sometimes I use the foil and Acetone soaked pads.

However being someone who’s always ready to try something new especially anything involving nails and nail art I thought that these wearable nail soakers looked such a good idea that I’d give them a whirl.

I got these from ‘The Nail Art Company’ at just £5.95 for a pack of 10 they aren't expensive and was actually quite excited and a little intrigued to find out for myself just how well they worked. The following is my review of these rather nifty and time saving nail care products. I hope you find it useful.

10 Wearable Nail Soakers From 'The Nail Art Company'

What Are Wearable Nail Soakers?

Basically they are a set of 10 Acetone resistant pods that you fill with Acetone (or Acetone free equivalent) solution and pop on your fingers to soak off and remove nail art, nail polish, shellac or artificial nails.

Each nail soaker pod consists of an opaque body with a pink silicone aperture that allows you to a) fill the soaker with Acetone and b) easily pop your finger tips in.

The pink silicone is designed to create a snug fit around your finger tips and acts as a seal to prevent the acetone from making a mess.

This is What a Wearable Nail soaker Looks Like.

Here We Have a Typical Wearable Nail Soaker.
Beautifully simple - Acetone resistant plastic cups with pink silicone lids you pop you finger through. The lids don’t need to be removed but can be for easy periodic cleaning.

The Best Way to Fill Wearable Nail Soakers.

From my research this is where I first came across some negative comments and opinions relating to wearable nail soakers. These comments generally related to making a mess or wasting Acetone when trying to fill the soaker pods.

After my extensive testing I believe I know why. Many simply try to fill the nail soakers straight from the Acetone Bottle (Usually an oversize bottle too). The size of the aperture in the pink lid is small, the opening in the Acetone bottle is large and often pours too quick and too much causing an over spill and a right mess. What you would expect really.

Want to know the secret to filling these little nail soakers without making a mess? Use a proper Acetone dispenser like this:

The Best Way to Fill Wearable Nail Soakers is with a Proper Acetone Dispenser.
Simply put the tip of the dispenser nozzle inside the cup and with a gentle squeeze fill up to the top of the fill line marked on the side of the soaker. These Acetone dispensers are so convenient, filling takes seconds and no mess what’s so ever.  A pipette or syringe is just as effective.

How Full Should You Fill The Nail Soakers?

Not as much as you might think. Don’t forget you have to put your finger tip in and that takes up quite a bit of volume. So if you overfill the nail soakers the only thing that going to happen when you put your finger tips in is its going to squirt, leak or both and again make a mess. I found that you only had to fill the soakers approximately half way up the opaque cup.

Overfilling Nail Soakers Only Leads to a Mess. Below the Pink Line is More Than Adequate.
I also found it much easier to pre-fill all the soakers so they were ready before putting them on.

What Is The Best Way To Place My Finger Tips In The Soakers Without Making A Mess?

Filling the nail soakers with acetone and then putting your finger tips in sounds straight forward. That’s until the first time you do it and get caught out by an ‘Acetone Squirt’. How does this happen?

Pushing your finger through the pink seal into the acetone filled soaker compresses the air trapped in the pod, and this has to go somewhere and will eventually results in a leak or squirt.

To be fair if you read the instructions on the packaging (and I know many of us don’t) it does clearly say to give the nail soakers a little squeeze and to slowly rotate as you put them on. This effective distorts the pink seal and lets the excess air out. 

Once you get the technique there easy to put on without a mess.   Tip: Try practicing with water first.

With Nail Soakers Installed It Only Takes 3 to 5 Minutes for the Acetone to Become Very Effective.

Do Nail Soakers Leak When You’re Wearing Them?

I guess the point of wearable nail soakers is that you can watch a bit of TV whilst letting your nail art soak off or whilst nourishing your nails. Either way you don’t want them to leak and cause a mess.
So I wanted to know would the nail soakers leak whilst wearing them. To test this I decided to raise my hands with the soakers filled and installed. I can happily report that they didn’t leak, however I really think this depends on whether you fill them correctly. As previously discovered the key is not to over fill.

How Long Does A Soak Off Take?

It depends what you are removing, whether its nail polish, shellac, nail art or a full set of artificial nails. From my experience I left my nails in the soakers for 2-3 minutes for nail polish and nail art, and a little longer for removing artificial nail enhancements. In each case my nails were wither perfectly clean or required just a small amount of work to remove any stubborn remnants.

Using Wearable Nail Soakers to Nourish Ones Nails.

I particularly enjoyed this aspect of the nail soaker’s review. A quick squirt of nail cream in each nail pod and then sit down and watch your favourite program whilst my nails and finger tips re-hydrate. Can’t do that with a finger soaking bowl!

My Conclusions

I was very happy with the nail soakers and I was pleased I got them. They are fairly inexpensive and I like the way they can be reused again and again. I also liked the added benefit of being able to use them to nourish my nails and finger tips after all that exposure to Acetone. 

They do allow me to watch the telly instead of sitting at the table with my hands in soaking trays and they are easy to clean and store.

I could see how some people might initially be put off due to the perceived mess they make but it goes without saying that as with anything new, make sure you read the instructions carefully before use. 

In my experience it was wise to experiment and practice the process a couple of times before getting the best out of them but hopefully I have identified most of tips and techniques for you in this review. I hope you enjoyed this nail article. Feel free to share, tweet or link to It and happy soaking.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Pricing Your Nail & Nail Art Services - Nail Business Ideas

Pricing Your Nail & Nail Art Services

Let’s face it not all of us are born entrepreneurs but that doesn't and shouldn't stop us wanting to start a new nail business and working in the nail industry.

Many of us at some point have dreamed about a career change or becoming self employed and for the majority of those that work in the nail industry that journey began by enrolling on a series of nail technician training courses or enrolling at university /college for a nationally recognised qualification in beauty.

But that was ages ago and you have gained lots of valuable experience working for someone else and now it’s time to strike out on your own. Perhaps you have decided to launch your own nail salon or maybe you have decided to go freelance and become a mobile nail technician. Either way you have the skills and the confidence but do you have the business experience to ensure you succeed?
All of These Aspects Are Important for Your Nail Business

What to Charge for Nail Services & Still Make a Profit

In this article we are going to explore the aspect of what to charge for your range of nail services and how to go about creating a pricing structure. Pricing is an incredibly sensitive aspect that can make or brake a new business. So whether you’re planning to launch a swanky new nail bar, you decided to go freelance and rent out a nail bar in an established salon or you’re going to hit the road as a mobile nail technician; at some point you’re going to have to make sure that your set your prices realistically, not only to allow you to run your business comfortably but more importantly at a profit.

The Key to Success for Your New Nail Business is Minimising Risk

With any new business venture and a nail business is no different the key to success is minimising your exposure to risk and this achieved with careful planning and research.
Minimise Your Risks. Do Your Homework First.

Your Bottom Line Goals

You want to ensure that every nail service that you provide is priced correctly and appropriately so that:
  1. Your competitive and can attracts sufficient numbers of clients to your business.
  2.  Enough profit is generated to make your time and efforts worthwhile.

Remember: If your initial pricing scheme doesn't seem to work perfectly, you can always make adjustments, use coupons, discounts or run special offers to compensate.

So where Do I Start?

There are two key sources of information you are going to need.

1.       A firm understanding of your costs and expenses.
2.       Your local nail competitor’s prices. 

What Does It Cost to Run a Nail Business?

Understanding your costs and expenses is an important part of setting up and managing any business.

If you’re already an established nail business then this is a relatively straight forward task as you will have bills and expense receipts from various suppliers and service providers.

If you’re still at the planning stage for your nail business you will need to consider the costs of some, if not all of the following:

Business Rates
Business Loan
Bank Fees
Payment Terminal
Credit Card Fees
Payment Gateway
Book keeper
Professional Fees
Public Liability Insurance
Professional Membership
Hire Agreements
National Insurance
PPI Compliance
PPL Music TV licence
Salon Software
Broadband / Internet
Tools & Equipment
Business Car Insurance
Petrol / Diesel Fuel
Please Note: This list is not exhaustive, but a pretty good starter for ten.

Seems like quite a lot to consider doesn't it? Of course some of this may or may not apply to you depending on whether you’re planning to set up a nail salon or a mobile nail business. Either way it’s important you’re being realistic because ultimately it will indicate whether your new nail business is viable.

You've probably noticed that many of these items are what we call ‘fixed costs’, i.e. they don’t change that much from month to month. Also some of them are ‘one off costs’, these are usually accrued during set up. The remainder are 'variable costs', these are things like product and consumables that fluctuate depending on the amount of business your doing.

Estimating the Cost of Your Nail Services

Each nail service you plan to offer such as, acrylics, gels, nail art, repairs, infill’s, shellac, pedicures and manicures etc. will have an associated cost that can broadly be considered in terms of time and materials. You need to determine how long it should take to complete a nail service and the cost of the consumables used to deliver the process.

Consumables will include things like nail files, wipes, acetone, nail polish, shellac, top coat, nail art, cuticle oil, towels, base coat, nail glue, orange sticks, nail art stickers, nail art stencils, etc, etc. The question you need to answer is how much does all of this cost for a single job?  It’s best to work out your service costs in broad terms.

How to Estimate Your Costs and Expenses

Use the internet and phone to get prices, quotes and costs. Go through the exercise as if you were actually setting up your nail business. Remember the more work you do in researching the set up and running costs the less likely you’re new business will fail due to unexpected expenses.

This All Seems Like Hard Work

You’re right it is! No one said starting your own nail business would be easy, but you want it to succeed, right? Then you must realise this is arguable one of the most important parts of the planning process. After all if you went head long into starting up a nail business and then found that:
  1. You didn't have enough money to get started.
  2. You discovered that despite working really hard, actually you’re not making any money or worse your losing money!
  3. You need a bank loan or finance to start or prop up your business.
Any of these could spell disaster, wasting lots of your time and possibly losing you a lot of money. We recommend you keep your figures and calculations so you can refer to or modify them in the future, to make changes easier try doing them on a spreadsheet such as MS Excel.

Now I've Worked out My Service Costs, What’s Next?

So now you should have a good handle on all of your planed nail services and what they will cost to deliver. Now it’s time to see what all your local competitors that deliver nail services charge.

Researching Your Local Competitors Nail Services & Prices

This is relatively straight forward. All you need is the internet and your local business directories. Identify the local businesses that offer a similar range of nail services in your proposed area and make notes on their service offerings and prices. You can also scan local newspapers for companies that run ads and special offers.

You will begin to notice from your notes that the pricing for similar nail services covers a range. There will be an upper and lower limit. You now have to decide where you want your prices to sit within this scale.

This will of course largely depend on what your running costs are and how quickly you want to gain new customers and at the same time recover your set up costs. Pricing to high for a new business without a track record and you won’t attract new clients. To low and you may find yourself working very hard for very little money. You need to strike an appropriate balance.

Avoid Price Wars

We don’t recommend offering significantly lower prices than your competition. Otherwise a price war can develop where each business constantly looks to cut prices until someone is no longer making money and subsequently ends up out of business! It’s important to consider that you can all co-exist in business.

The Final Part

With your costs known and your prices set. It’s now possible to work out your potential profit against each of your services and treatments. Simply subtract the cost of your treatments from the price you set. What remains is your profit.

If you’re thinking of working in the nail industry we hope this article has been useful, informative and thought provoking. Please feel free to share and link to this article but please ensure ‘’ is credited.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Monochrome Circles, Amethyst Rhinestones & Nubar Violet Sparkle

We saw these on the Nail Cake Blog and just had to share them with you! Monochrome Circles with Amethyst Swarovski Nail Art Crystals and Nubar Violet Sparkles - Flawlessly executed we're sure you'll agree Kirstie is a talented nail artist. The combination of geometric design, the monochrome and purple colours highlighted with the light catching sparkles really works. This is awesome work. Check out the Nail Cake Blog today.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Join 'The Nail Art Company' on Pinterest!

The Nail Art Company is now on Pinterest!

We thought it was probably a good idea (and about time!) to get involved in the fantastic world of nails and nail art on Pinterest.

After all if you haven't taken the opportunity to check out what can only be described as the ultimate treasure chest full to the brim and some of nail and nail art related products, how to dos, tips, guides and tutorial images then you haven't lived.

Follow The Nail Art Company's nail and nail art image account on Pinterest today, and feel free to follow our nail art pin boards.

We have a main account and four Pin Boards to follow and engage in. Here are the links.

Boost Your Nail Salon or Mobile Nail Business with a Loyalty Program!

Everybody who invests time, energy and money in a business wants success and those who work in the nail industry are no different. So whether you run a nail salon or you’re a mobile nail technician most of us recognise the importance of growing our nail businesses to a sustainable level as quickly as possible. This is usually accomplished by growing the number of happy satisfied clients on your books and then more importantly retaining them!

An Example of a Customer Loyalty Card. Courtesy of Georgina at 

Retaining Your Nail Clients

I can assure you sure that retaining customers by nurturing and developing a loyalty to your nail business is a lot less effort and costly than looking for new clients! So how can you achieve this? After all we want to spend our time delivering beautiful nails, not looking for new customers.

This article examines a simple and cost-effective method to keep hard-won customers that is proven to pay back dividends – “The Customer Loyalty Scheme”

You’re Nail Business & the Local Competition

It’s fair to say that there is a lot of competition in the nail industry. So how do you not only keep you existing clients but at the same time grow the numbers on your books?

The answer is simple. Stand out from the crowd. By differentiating your nail business, its range of services and importantly levels of customer service from the local competition you’re already be well on the way to running a successful nail business.

Identify Your Local Business Competitors

Let’s start by breaking the problem down. Nail and nail art businesses are geographically limited to the amount of clients that they can potentially serve. In terms of a nail salon it’s the number of clients that live within an acceptable travel distance to and from the salon premises and in terms of a mobile nail technician it’s the number of clients that live within an acceptable service radius where the nail tech is prepared to travel and work.

With a potential client base broadly similar for both you will have any number of local nail and beauty businesses all vying for their share of the local market. In either case (and thankfully!) you only have to concern yourself with those nail salons and mobile nail technicians that work inside your service area.

So who is your competition? A little homework using the internet and your local business directories will help you establish who your local competition is, where they’re located and even what services they offer. You will probably be quite surprised at the number of local businesses that offer similar nail services (and prices) to your nail business. All this information is useful, but....

How Many of Them Run a Client Loyalty Scheme?

You’ll be surprised that it’s probably not many and this is something that you can take advantage of.

So What is a Client Loyalty Scheme?

Basically, a customer loyalty scheme or program is a way of rewarding, or giving back to your regular and loyal clients in return for all the business that they have given you. For example, you might give your frequent customers every fifth manicure, shellac treatment or nail art a fantastic discount or in some cases for free.

What Are the Benefits of Running a Client Loyalty Program for My Nail Business?

Remember it’s all about fostering a client/business relationship, retaining your clients, growing your client list and differentiating your business from others. Four immediate benefits spring to mind so let’s expand on these.

  1. It keeps your hard-won nail clients happy (and loyal) with a reward that encourages future bookings and regular nail maintenance. Think about it. Who wouldn't like the thought of a discounted or free nail appointment?
  2. It’s persuasive. Running a loyalty program is an excellent Unique Selling Point (USP). It’s an added positive that you can mention when a new client calls about a nail appointment. Clients love the idea of discounts or free services.
  3. It promotes positive ‘word of mouth’. Your existing clients may mention you have a loyalty program to friends. After all personal recommendations through word of mouth are arguably the most powerful and effective marketing you can get.
  4. A loyalty program is something you can promote in your existing advertising campaigns including your service literature, website and even your face book and Google+ pages.

How to Run a Customer Loyalty Scheme for Your Nail Business

You’ll be glad to know it’s actually quite easy and hassle free. The issue is - How do you keep track of clients loyalty entitlement? There are many approaches, but here are a couple of ideas that are inexpensive and have certainly worked for me.

Punch Cards - Design a punch card. Every time your client visits you for a nail appointment you simply mark the card with a stamp (less risk of forged claims), initial or sign it. When the card is full your client can claim their loyalty reward on their next visit.

Reward Coupons - Design a discount coupon, which you can issue when your client qualifies.

Electronic Swipe Cards - This tends to be more expensive and used in larger nail salons and nail bars.

Whichever you choose include your company logo, name and contact details on the reverse. Ensure the card/coupon is the same size as a standard business card and get them printed professionally. There are two reasons for this.
  1. There are lots of companies that print full colour double-sided business cards so you can get lots of good deals everywhere.
  2. The card will fit conveniently in your client’s purse and so won’t get lost.
Whichever way you choose, both methods look professional and your client is left with something tangible to remind them to come back to you.

Will Running a Loyalty Scheme Cost Me Money?

You’re absolutely right to ask this important question and the answer is of course - yes.

In the short-term, offering a loyalty program will cost you money and affect your earnings.

But those that look only at the short-term gains to business growth are generally the businesses fail! There is always a cost in providing a service whether it’s your time, materials or both. But wait; let’s look at this from the perspectives of both short and long-term gains.

Let’s say you decide to offer a customer loyalty program and that you offer stamps on a card every time you client completes a nail appointment.

FREE nail appointment when 8 stamps collected. They can claim their loyalty reward on their 9th appointment.

If you offer to do every 9th nail service for free, that's 1/9 less money you have earned, right?

Of course you would be right, but whilst this is the case from a short-term perspective, in the long run a loyalty program will earn you much more money and regularly than it costs you. This is accomplished by developing a long-term client / business relationship, and if your client does not return for future nail appointments you will not have lost a thing!  

Let's Explore This Hypothetical Example to See Why This is the Case

Continuing to use the example above let's say that your loyalty program consists of giving each of your clients a stamp on a loyalty card at the end of every nail appointment, and that you offer a free nail appointment after eight stamps. Now let’s look at the pros and the cons and what it means in terms of lost revenue for this type of program.

In this example we’re using the term ‘lost revenue’ instead of cost because the cost of an appointment is actually less. The true cost to your business is actually the profit from a nail appointment.

To keep the maths simple were going to use an average value for a nail appointment of £25 and we are going to assume you have 30 clients.

  • 8 Nail appointments x £25 = £200 Earnings per client
  • 30 Clients x £200 = £6000 Total earnings
  • Collecting 8 stamps client received 1 free nail booking a saving of £25 on their 9th appointment.
  • Multiply this by the number of clients on your books, in this case 30.
  • 30 x £25 = £750 in lost revenue giving 30 clients 1 free 9th nail appointment.

Summary Points to Consider

£750 of lost revenue for £6000 worth of business sounds like a lot, but would you not rather have the regular business and an established client book?
Any loss in revenue is actually much less in reality when you consider the true cost of an appointment.
Not every client will see the loyalty program through so loss in revenue is often much less.
You’re keeping your clients happy and feeling valued thus perpetuating your nail business.

The Positives & Negatives of Running a Client Loyalty Program

Lets start with the negatives and finish with the positives.

  1. You will receive a bit less money when you client cashes in their loyalty stamps.

  1. You will have improved the likelihood that the client WILL come back a second time and for many subsequent nail appointments, where without an incentive, they might not.
  2. The customer loyalty card acts as a visual and physical reminder for the client (Free advertising!). Again enhancing the likelihood of a repeat business and future booking. A cleverly designed and correctly sized customer loyalty card will remind the client every time she opens her purse, reminding her of (hopefully) a positive experience with you and your nail business.
  3. Perception is everything. Showing that you care, look after and reward ‘regular’ customers will leave your clients with the impression that they are ‘valued’. They will also perceive to have received an enhanced more personal experience when compared to other similar local businesses.
  4. Your clients will be left with a positive impression that you and your nail business offer a better value deal and may feel more inclined to feel good about you, the work that you do and the range of nail services you offer.
  5. Whereas without a client loyalty program, you might be able to keep a client for one or two nail appointment, with a loyalty program, you should keep your clients for longer.
  6. They are inexpensive to set up and support.
  7. They are a unique selling point (UPS).
  8. They are attractive to customers because let’s face it who doesn't like free or discounted services.


We think that it’s always worth taking a very small reduction in your profit margins to keep your customers coming back, which means that the scale and flow of your clients through your business will be increased.

Ask yourself the following question and then decide if a customer loyalty scheme is for you. Would you rather have two clients every day letting you do their nails for full price, or five clients and sacrificing a modest discount?

We hope that we have convinced you of the benefits of adopting a client reward system for your nail business and remember you can tailor a discount deal to your own requirements. Also make sure you include the details and any special terms and conditions applicable to discounts or reward systems you offer either on your website or in print and don't forget to promote your offers to your clients.

We hope you have found this nail tech article useful. If you have, please feel free to recommend, share or link to it.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

SmART-nails Instant Nail Art Stencils - Just Add Polish!

SmART-nails Logo
SmART-nails Nail Art Stencils Review
There are those of us that love and appreciate nail art but are not necessarily blessed with artistic skill. Then there are others that would like nail art but would like something easy to do and does not involve a lot of time and bother. Well there is a solution to both problems and it’s called SmART-nails.

What better way to introduce you to this hot nail art product than a comprehensive explanation and product review that hopefully will answer all your questions. So let’s get started....
SmART-nails Nail Art Stencils - The Easy & Fun Way to Create Striking Nail Designs
What Are SmART-nails?              
SmART Nails is a rather natty, easy to use Nail Art Stencil System that’s been specially developed to enable anyone with only a modest level of skill to create beautifully crisp mistake free nail art designs time after time. You don’t need any special training, tools or products - just a stencil and your existing collection of nail polish.

Who Are SmART-nails Suitable For?
The stencils are equally suitable for professional and home use.

How Many SmART-nails Designs Are There?
There is currently 66 unique designs in the SmART-nails stencil range, a nice wide variety of creative patterns with something to suit everyone.

What Do You Get in the Packet?
Each SmART-nails packet contains 10 individual stencils ready for immediate use. Full easy to follow application instructions are included on the reverse of the packaging.

Application Instructions for SmART-nails Nail Art Stencils
So how do you use SmART-nails nail art templates? Read on and follow these simple instructions.
  1. You can choose to use the nail art stencils on natural nails or if you prefer on top of a nail varnish finish. If you choose the latter, think about a complimentary or contrasting colour polish. Whichever way you decide to go prepare the surface of the nail by ensuring the surface is completely clean and dry.
  2. Choose a Smart-nail stencil. Remove from packaging and gently peel off a stencil from the backing sheet.
  3. If you want to reduce the likelihood of leaving any sticky residue on a pre- applied nail polish layer simply stick it to the pillow of your finger (skin side) for a couple of times in order to reduce the intensity of the glue. 
  4. Position and place the stencil on the nail. They are quite flexible so you can stick them on any shaped nail. Make sure that it is flat and well stuck down. Press the sticker onto the nail and be sure that the area around the design has properly adhered to the nail. You can tell just by looking at it and seeing if there is air underneath. Ensuring the sticker is properly placed will reduce the chance of any nail polish bleeding under the stencil and ensures that you get a nice crisp result.
  5. After choosing your favourite colour nail polish, apply a moderate layer over the exposed area of the template (where the shape is cut). There is no need to go over the border of the sticker.
  6. Leave a few seconds, then slowly and carefully peel away the nail stencil. Don't wait for the nail polish to dry before removing the stencil or you will end up pulling the image off the nail!
  7. You will more than likely want to use the stencil again, so to avoid damaging it don’t twist the template during removal.
  8. If you want to use a different colour nail varnish first let the application dry and clean the stencil ready for an alternative colour nail polish. Repeat the process.
  9. Once you’re finished clean the stencil and carefully put back onto the backing sheet for next time.
Are SmART-nails Stencils Reusable?
With care you can use a stencil many times, but it really comes down to how you look after them. We have managed to use the same stencil on three separate sessions but to be honest I don’t expect much more than this. But hey that’s pretty good for something that’s supposed to be disposable. I’ll post an update later based on our experience.

Benefits of SmART-nails Art Stencils
  • Fun
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Inexpensive
  • Convenient
  • Lots of designs
  • No skill required
  • Repeatable crisp designs
  • Use your existing nail polish collection

Where Can I Buy SmART-nails Nail Art Stencils?
The Nail Art Company’ in the UK stocks all 66 stencil designs and offers next day delivery for orders received before 4:30 PM. They also ship worldwide and cater for wholesale.

How Much Do SmART-nails Cost?
The retail recommended Price (RRP) is just £1.75 per packet. A bargain considering what can be achieved with them. Look out for special offers!

Can I Stock an Sell Smart-nails in My Nail Salon?
Yes you can! SmART-nails nail art stencils are available at trade prices subject to Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ). Contact us with your requirements and see how we can help you.  

SmART-nails Retail Displays
‘The Nail Art Company’ stocks a range of bespoke SmART-nails retail displays especially for nail and beauty salons and nail product suppliers. These nail stencil displays make an excellent point of sale product for any nail technician, salon or nail bar.

SmART-nails retail displays available at
SmART-nails Retail Displays Available at 6 Different Displays Available.

Choose from 6 unique display designs. Abstract, Fun, Seasons, Classic, Floral, Elegant. Each display comes with 288 nail stencil packets and an attractive self assemble product display stand. Stencil refills packets are also available with 12 packets per refill. With excellent margins why not boost your salon’s sales with a SmART-nails retail display today; your customers will love them.
SmART-nails Retail Displays - 6 Themes - 24 Designs In Each - 288 Stencil Packets Per Display

Can SmART-nails Be Used with an Airbrush?
Yes. SmART-nails stencils are perfect for those that wish to use an airbrush.

Aren't Nail Art Stencils Messy to Use?
No, quite the opposite really. The design is limited to the shape of the nail stencil so any excess nail polish should get all over your fingers. As long as you let each stencil application dry properly (which really depends on the brand of nail polish you’re using) the results are nice and crisp.

Are SmART-nails Stencils Worth the Money?
Definitely, they are in our opinion really good value. They are quick, easy and fun to apply and I can use my existing nail polish collection. The quality of the nail art is excellent and after you get past the initial idea of using them with a single colour polish and you start to combine different colours and different shapes you really can create some awesome nail art patterns. Check out some of these themes and decide for yourself.
SmART-nails - Bamboo Nail Art Stencils N055

SmART-nails - Bouquet Nail Art Stencils N048

SmART-nails - Cherry Blossom Nail Art Stencils NDC1001

SmART-nails - Pentagram Nail Art Stencils N031

SmART-nails - Skull Nail Art Stencils N041

SmART-nails - Slide Nail Art Stencils N057

SmART-nails - Splats Nail Art Stencils N045

Are SmART-nails Stencils Better Than Nail Art Stamping?
They are similar in process. We think that the stencils are faster and easier to place and generally involve less faffing around. You can place the stencil exactly where you want and its easier to move it if you’re not happy before you apply the nail polish. With nail art stamping you can never really apply the design accurately and if you don’t like the result you have to clean it off and start again.